The Inquisition Podcast

The Inquisition is a light-hearted conversation that takes the Christian faith very seriously. It’s more comfy chair than thumbscrews, but we have a bucket of ice-cold water on hand just to keep the guests on their toes.

Season 1 has twelve episodes. We are pausing for a Christmas and New Year break. An episodes with Milton Jones and Bob Hartman are coming soon…

Anne Atkins Doesn’t Trust Her Feelings but Sticks up for Martha

In the last episode for 2019, James talks to novelist, commentator and BBC Radio 4 regular, Anne Atkins. She talks about books she loves, what makes her give up on a book and how she doesn’t really trust her feelings and emotions. And Anne would like some answers from Jesus about how he talked to Martha when someone needed to put on dinner. Anne’s latest novel, an Elegant Solution, is available here. Show notes here.

Allen Langham finds True Freedom on the Seventh Stretch

James talks to former professional rugby league player Allen Langham, founder of Pink Ladies and Steps to Freedom, and sports chaplain at Sports Chaplaincy UK. He is also the author of a new book telling the story of his journey to faith: Taming of a Villain: A Message of Hope. Show notes here

Bishop Emma Ineson and the Right Kind of Ambition

James talks to former child stunt rider, academic, vicar’s wife, vicar-turned-Bishop Emma Ineson who is all about having the right kind of ambition. Show notes here.

Cole Moreton Gets In and Gets Out and Finds His Way Back

James talks to journalist, author and novelist Cole Moreton, author of The Light Keeper, about his journey in and out of the Christian faith and how he came back. Show notes here.

Paul Kerensa with a Spirited Defence of Charles Dickens

James Cary talks to comedian, writer and broadcaster Paul Kerensa. Paul loves Christmas and successfully saves Charles Dickens’s Christmas Carol from the flames, but places one of literature’s great masterpieces on the Papal Index. Paul has also written ‘Joe’s Bros and the Bus that Goes’ for children available now from SPCK. Shownotes and links here.

Bishop Nick Baines and the Element of Surprise

In this episode, James Cary speaks to spy-turned-vicar, Methodist-turned-Anglican Bishop Nick Baines, who explains Advent, Epiphany, Isaiah and the earthing of Christmas. Shownotes and links here.

Emma Scrivener meets a Lion and a Lamb

James talks to author and blogger Emma Scrivener who’s battled with eating disorders and subsequently written about it from a Christian perspective in A New Name: Grace And Healing For Anorexia; Shownotes and links here.