Wanna Preach Like A Stand Up Comedian?

Probably not! But the great prophets and preachers of our age are certainly not priests. They’re no politicians either, and they’re certainly not professors.

It’s stand-up comedians. They command rooms with words, ideas and a microphone. How do they do that?

Preachers may look at the power of the stand-up comedian and get some kind of righteous envy. How can that power be used in preaching to honour Jesus Christ? Good question!

Does it mean we should start our sermons with jokes? No. Does it mean our sermons needs to be funnier? Almost certainly not.

So what’s the lesson here?!

There’s an awful lot to learn. James Cary, comedy writer (Miranda, Bluestone 42), performer (Sacred Art of Joking, James and John), author and fan of exposition preaching has given this some thought. There is much to be learned: a new, encouraging and faithful way to rethink regular preaching.

You can find out what that is in this webinar, at 2.30pm on 17th March.

Sign up, join in and take part. It’ll be a mixture of teaching, coaching, discussion and Q&A. You don’t need to prep anything. And we’ll be done in 90 minutes. All for a fiver. Book here.